So whoever wrote this is really too far gone to try to engage, but I’m betting there are some other people out there who dont quite get why this is so ridiculous, so I’m going to make a few points.


IT’S A TATTOO. You know how you should take this? NOT LIKE YOU ARE. Here’s how it goes. She did not that tattoo because she wants to infringe on the holy wonder that is your culture. She got that tattoo because SHE THINKS IT’S COOL.

Oddly enough, “its cool” isnt a magic wand that makes every appropriative action ok. I mean I guess it is on this person’s planet, but for lots of other folks? Not really.

And can we talk about what cool means to begin with? In situations like this, “cool’ seems to mean “accessorizing with someone else’s culture to make myself look more fashionable.”

Why is that a problem?“Hey I think this awesome design your culture came up with is really cool, but I guess I won’t broadcast to the world that it’s cool

How badly do the people from this culture need a hipster wandering around letting people know their culture is “cool”? I have a feeling they already know it is. I think it says a lot, tho, that there is this assumption that this person’s validation of their coolness as communicated by wearing this tattoo is going to have some sort of deep meaning for them.

because you take issue with the fact that I could possibly respect or understand anything about it even though there are millions of valid resources to look up and fully understand

Um, no. There arent. I know folks like this are used to thinking that everything is neatly and accurately laid out for the taking in books and web pages and all kinds of shit but when it comes to indigenous traditions? No. Most of what’s written about indigenous people tends to be bullshit. Sorry to disappoint. Well actually I’m not. But that’s another story.

and I might actually be able to explain the meaning better than you.”


Really tumblr. Is everything the end of the world or the destruction of a culture or such a horrible thing that it’ll destroy the mental security of everyone in a group?

No. Just that disrespect and appropriation are disrespect and appropriation.

Do you know what thinking and acting like that spawns? Mass hate and genocide. Stop being a hypocritical bitch and taking everything at face value as what you see it as and maybe try to think about things… FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE (holy fuck those exist, I know..I know).

Interesting that this person chooses to use the word genocide. Deliberate cultural genocide  policies caused by colonization caused many indigenous traditions to be lost or forced underground. Especially practices like tattoo.

And as far as looking for another perspective? I would highly suggest the following article:

Ta Moko Maori Tattoo: When Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Insult

I’m not sure why I’m still responding, but here we go. First off, the I in “and I might be able” was a typo, I meant the person who has them may be able to do so. I in no way care and am in no position to school anyone about a culture, because I much prefer to learn other things. 

Point number 2: Americans are retarded. Not just the white ones, either. In actuality, most people from all over the world are retarded. 

Now lets get to why you’re all pissed off. What makes you think what’s written about indigenous people is bullshit? A lot of the Western culture writing is actually done quite well. What I’ve seen and experienced, at least, tends to be fairly accurate. 

Do you value longevity of life, productivity, education, modern advances (yes you do you use tumblr), and good health? Well then welcome to the values of Western “white” culture. 

Many other cultures value those things little. This is why we put so much effort into improving the technology, education, and health of people from other countries, when in actuality they may not want it. This is actually why I don’t really support mass help of other civilizations by us, because we don’t have the right to give them what we think they want. If they ask, sure, but if they don’t, then meh. 

Cool means, in this situation, “that’s really pretty/awesome/alluring, I want that too”

And we get it, because that’s how we work. If we WANT something, we do what we can to ACHIEVE or GET it. I would rarely put down things that I want and ignore them just for other people. There are very few people for whom I would do that.

Don’t you want your traditions forced underground? That’s what you’re saying. You want no one but your people to be able to practice these traditions, that’s forcing it underground. 

Generally speaking colonization didn’t cause genocide. It only usually did when people saw the big mean bully with the advanced technology and said “fuck it, there’s no way we’re sharing with him” and yet they lost and died only REALLY when they fought. Yes there were other cases, but yes people are dicks. 

I really don’t understand why all of tumblr wants white people to die. You have a lot to thank us for. You certainly wouldn’t be able to complain and find offended compatriots. on a vast network of silicon-based computing machines without us. The only other civilization ever where people had so much money and were able to survive by being lazy and complaining all the time was Ancient Rome, and they were white too. Every civilization that remains mostly unvisited or mostly unaffected (or narrowly affected) by white people is extremely far behind in advancement. In fact, the only two civilizations that have made anywhere near the progress we have in history were (besides Ancient Rome) Asia and the Middle East. If anyone even makes the attempt to say this isn’t true then they’re obviously misinformed. 

Colonization was only a result of us being able to be so much more advanced than anyone else that it gave us a vast  amount of power and wealth.

Again, white people took almost every other culture, and just like the rape and plunder tactics of city capture of old (that happened in EVERY CIVILIZATION THAT WARRED, which was pretty much every civilization), why aren’t they allowed to offend you?

In addition, many of the oppressed cultures in the past 200 years became oppressed because of aspects of their own culture (for example, Africans sold conquered enemy tribes to white people as slaves), and the fact that the majority of the white people are retarded and lucky and (I agree most white people should die, they’re annoying and stupid, but I also think a lot of other people should die, because of the same reasons, also overpopulation) have a small group to thank for their success. However, these people who created the modern movement of advancement WERE white. 

In any case, I’m sorry your culture is still going in its own places and wasn’t destroyed by many different groups of people who hated you for no reason. Like two people hate you as a whole now, and very few have ever hated you as compared to other cultures. 

So I’m glad you want to preserve your culture, honestly that’s really cool, but condemning the people who could have destroyed it for being dumb about it is really annoying. 

I’m not trying to be a white supremacist, nor am I. I think the percentage of idiots in white societies is far greater than in others. No doubt, maybe this girl is an idiot, and chances are she is.

This post was all over the place. Hopefully you can put it together. 

I know I’m not going to convince anyone of anything like this, for the simple reason that his (gender neutral pronoun rule, learn English before you rage about it) entire identity is an angry person convinced to the death that his native culture several generations back is the most important thing in the world and must be preserved. I realize this is not going to happen. I realize I’m probably going to get dumb ad hominem hate posts. However, I do respect a lot of these people for not raging TOO hard.

So. This is a thing that actually just happened.

Like I said, the person who wrote that was too far gone to deal with, but there might be some folks who get a few helpful clues.

Wow.  I think they just hit bingo in the one post.

Not just a bingo—this is a whole blackout!

My “favorite” bit:

This post was all over the place. Hopefully you can put it together. 

Because, really, why on earth should we expect an organized and coherent argument when there are others around to do the work? SMH.

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